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About Us

Philanthropic Association of Artists

Haamuta Le Kidum Omanut Baaret Vbehul "Art Unlimited"





Khan Museum

Eli Cohen Street, Ashkelon, Israel

The association is registered and managed in accordance with the Law on the Registrar of Non-Profit Organizations in Israel [Branches - Tel Aviv & Ashkelon]


The purpose of the association is to promote artists at all stages of their development - young artists and veterans, as well as talented children and adolescents who do not have the means and capabilities to realize their talent


The areas of activity of the Association are art and sculpture, plastic, design, visual arts, poetry, literature, music and theater.


We organize art exhibitions, concerts and festivals, creative evenings, mugs for children and courses for adults, etc.


Members of the association are - artists in the field of painting, sculpture, fine art, musicians, creators, scientists (musical collectors) and producers of electronic and instrumental instruments, artists, art lovers and collectors.

We cooperate with museums, concert halls and cultural centers both in our country and abroad.

Sources of financing - private donations from patrons, private individuals, state-owned enterprises and other non-profit organizations,

as well as Symbolic personal contribution of artists

Description of some significant projects over the past two years:

Moving art exhibition project Love Only.  The start of the project in 2017 - Artists travel with their works to different cities of the world and present their work, telling viewers in the language of art what love is - His vision of this wonderful need, which unites all people in different parts of the world.  The exhibition visited Tbilisi, Berlin, Cinematheque in Jerusalem, Delilah Art and Music Gallery in Tel Aviv.


The All Light Project - 2017 - Exhibition of bronze sculpture and art photography on the theme of Jerusalem and the world.

An exhibition of instrumental musicians has been exhibited in Berlin and Tel Aviv.


In 2018, the Jerusalem Cinematographic Exhibition and Exhibition in Tel Aviv Cinematheque “Film screening is a series of three exhibitions on the subject of films.


Exhibition "Tent of Art" x Gallery "Marthe 35" in Tel Aviv and "at the Khan Museum in Ashkelon.


2019 - Single and group exhibitions in the Tel Aviv Cinematheque and the continuation of the project “Only Love” in Paris and Moscow.

Participation in the Zorba Art Festival in Ashram Ba Midbar in October.

12.12.2009 - Opening of the Antigravity project at the Drom Asharon Cultural Center, an art exhibition held in various cities of Israel and abroad

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