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Ella Rozenberg

CEO / Artist / Art Manager / Exhibition's Curator Ella does not like to talk about herself. She believes that her work will be “spoken” instead of her. Her painting “Masks” tells about the reincarnation of a person wearing a mask

Oleg Babich

Modern artist engaged in painting and graphics. Irrational and mystical spheres of life, secret connections of nature and human, fantasy, myth, perfect imperfection and even humor - through these channels the artist tries to understand the world and our place in it. Oleg was born in 1976 in Ekaterinburg, Russia. He is proud to be a hereditary artist - his family roots come from early Eastern - European window-decoration artists. Oleg's father is a sculptor and designer

Olga Tikhonov

Born in 1984, Kerch, Crimea. 1999 - repatriated to Israel, lives in Petah Tikva. 2018 - graduated from Graphic Design Course for web and mobile. 2018 - member of israel contemporary artist association SH-ARTGROUP

Sergey Falko

Born in Ukraine in 1959. Immigrated to Israel in 1994. Sergey is an engineer by profession, although always felt passion for colors. Childhood Memories include - Sea landscapes and Ship Paint- Ings, The Sea - A Dream. Making the dream to reality turned out to be not difficult, spend some time on a fishing boat sailing at the Far East and the Pacific unforgettable. Coming to Israel he completely changed the field of Occupa - Tion - His Dream Become True!

Diana Pomeranz Tzuk

Studies and Continuing Education BA. From the University of Fine Arts, Argentina. Painting course at the "Painters and Sculptors Association", Tel Aviv. The free workshop, Givatayim. School of Arts, the" program for active artists" Musseum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan. And more. Projects Founder, directs and teaches at the " ShirArt" academy of Art, Rishon Lezion. Organize and accompany arts groups in Israel and Europe. Art consultant for new artists immigrants

Donatien Cisneros Valeriano

Famous artist from Cuba. Married to an Israeli woman, has been living in Israel for the past 13 years. Here is what he said about his paintings at the Cinematheque: Escape from the Darkness is Full Freedom, Cool colors and absolute life. His bright, temperament-rich paintings delight the audience

Nirit Ovadia

Igraduated both at "Wizo" arts high school at Haifa, hometown in Israel (known today as the "Reut Art school") and at "Wizo academic center, Haifa" following 4 years of studies in graphical design. ‏Although she”s been exposed during art studies to various painting techniques, She finally remained faithful to my own technique, through which She taught painting afterwards. Her painting style is realistic and implemented by multiple thin layers

Anatoly Baratynsky

Born in Ufa, Russia in 1962. Graduated from the Magnitogorsk Pedagogical Institute Art Department Russia 1988. Arrived in Israel in 1991. Became member of the Israeli branch of the International Artist Association in 1992. He participated in numerous international exhibitions. Many of his works are in private collections

Natalie Vrublevsky

Born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1981. Moved to Israel in 2009. Graduated from the US and International University in the field of Economics and Law (2005), graduated from Ariel University in the field of Graphic Design (2015), and graduated from the Shinker School of Interior Design (2016). Draws from childhood a lot and after decades comes back to painting at the age of 28, learns various techniques of oil painting and canvas painting on canvas

Elazar Giladi

Was born in 1983 is an artist that was born in Oles, Israel. He's artworks are mostly from direct observation and generally are in a figurative realistic style. All of The artworks have a subconsience meaning, beacuse the paintings are "not seen" - they are imagined - the eye catch the light and the artist take the reality infront of him, through a filter - his own mind - and put it on the canvas as a self representation of the feelings he have during the process

Mirela Lev Lockaz

Born 1967, learned the art of my late grandfather. He was a great artist and teacher in Romania. She's have studied various creative techniques in short courses. Member of the Israeli Writers Association. Also stained glass in Nahariya in an expedited course. To paint on glass mirrors with nail polishes. Because the lacquers are also transparent there is a dynamic of varying colors according to the light and shade and you can also see the viewer in transparency into the painting

Amar Ely's

Amar Ely's Self-taught painter, born in 1945 from Casablanca, Morocco. Amar Ely's practical paintings from his early age despite some lengthy breaks. In recent years, there has been a lot more time the passion that gives him more satisfaction than, to the extent thatin which his paintings are dedicated to raise private collections: in France but also abroad: US, UK, some of his paintings have been selected to illustrate he painted mainly in oil, especially on the brushes

Kineret  Dvir

He loves art and education! Finished many places like: Education University of Haifa, Israel October 2008 - June 2011 M.A. Art Therapy Bowie State University (UMD), USA September 2000 - December 2002 M.A. Counseling Psychology University of Maryland at College Park, USA September 1996 - December 1998 B.A. Studio Art Honors: Golden Key National Honor Society Dean's List 1997-1998 Montgomery College, Rockville MD, USA June 1996 - August 1997 Computer Graphics and many more

Yona Kaminsky

Was born in Moscow. Moved to Israel in 1991. She holds a master’s degree in humanities from Moscow University in Russia. Innovative materials are presented in various ways. Offers a wide range of facilities and services. Yona works are very expressive

Lia Tolchinsky

Artist & Art teacher. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan. Been educated as architect (Technion, 1993) All her free time dedicated to the painting. Freelance artist from 2015, took part in multiple exibitions in Israel and abroad. Has several Solo Exibitions. Many of lias art works are located in private collections in Israel and other countries

Aron Weizmann

Born in 1948 in the city of Balti, Moldova. He graduated from art and graphic faculty of St. Petersburg Pedagogical University. He repatriated to Israel in 1989. He taught art at School and at the College Of Technology in Beer Sheva. Member of The Union of Artists of Israel since 1990, member of The Union of Artists and Sculptors Beer Sheva and all Negev. He participated in numerous collective exhibitions, as well as in Eight Solo Exhibitions in Israel

Elena Pekin

She has been painting with oil and acrylic on canvas for almost 10 years. She is an engineer by training, and worked with whom for many years. She began to draw after the children grew up, she's had overcome the difficulties of absorption. It was painting that made Elena a happy person

Gadi Frenkel

Israeli Artist

Natalie Weizman - Belenky

Was born in 1980. At the age of 9, she repatriated to Israel. She graduated from High School with an artistic bias she graduated from Shenkar College in Ramat Gan, specializing in interior and textile design. In 2000 she was admitted to the union of artists of Israel. She participated in 17 exhibitions in Jerusalem, Tel aviv, Sshkelon and Beer Sheva, in 2011, Natalie had her personal exhibition called "The City Above Sky". In 2018 was her personal retrospective exhibition in TLV

Dr. Anton Biederman

Modest, Painter, Sculptor, Art teacher and Lecturer. Manager and Curator of the Art School and Gallery

Revaz Gviniashvily

Born in 1961, Georgia. He was admitted to the Tbilisi Art Academy in 1977, but did not graduated. For many years he was in prison. Came to Israel in 2017 and died half a year later from a serious illness

Viktoria Michailovski

Israeli artist, was born in Ukraine in 1966. In 2000 she moved to Israel. Engaged in decorative graphics. Member of international and Israeli exhibitions.

Yechiel Weiss

Was born in 1957, Israeli painter in a variety of techniques. Teaches painting in Ramat Gan in small groups and personally guided all the subjects of painting: precise drawing, oil painting in a variety of techniques, acrylic painting, watercolor painting and watercolor painting

Dana Bomatz

Publish first Book of poetry, "Iton 77 Literary Magazine". Establishment of the initiative "coming back equal materials", National group for the study and co-workers in the field of Earth and mental-spiritual material. Establishment of the initiative "coming back equal vessels", community Multi-time repository for loaning dishes and accessories to reduce the use of disposable plastic dishes. Participating in a traveling group exhibition "The cure is optimism"

Dima Mogilevski

Lives in Petah Tikva, originally from Kiev. He is a professional artist, many of his works are in private collections

Liber Gantman

Started painting in 2012. He studied in the drawing circle at the district Matnas,at the Mikhlelet "K"  College of Fine Arts in Beer Sheva, independently and privately. Works in oil,acrylics, watercolors and pastel. Likes to paint landscapes,people, everything that surrounds us in Israel. Took part in exhibitions of Israeli artists at home and abroad, solo exihibitions in Beer Sheva, Ramla, Ra'anana

Aliza Borshak

A graduate of the Tel Aviv Art School. BA in Arts and Communication. The artist is a resident of Beer Sheva. She has been teaching art in various schools. From her childhood, she studied art in her youth. She studied in Holon with artist Aaron Giladi. Aliza has been involved in various art fields for years. In relief bullets. Exhibitions, and Photography. Photography of the artist's original works combined with original photographs in computer processing

Arkady Lifshits

A professional artist from Jerusalem. Member of the union of artists of Israel. He takes part in individual and group exhibitions around the world

Batya Gazit

It's an amazing experience at my age (the golden age ...) - to discover how wonderful it is to activate all your senses, though, from my childhood, I have been on the verge of deafness - as much as the imagination allows. The new media is very challenging, engaging, intriguing and brings new capabilities and possibilities to the limit... It is surprising and wonderful to find myself in passion, changes, transitions, kind of upheavals, which I go through in the creative process itself

Peter Gluzberg

Is a unique Artist given the russian cultural heritage, and the israeli art. Landscape Peter, a member in organization of the artists in Israel, Laureate Jacob Fichman in the field of art

Miri Baruch

for 27 years. Painting has been always my deepest passion and kept always connected to it through drawing classes and realistic oil painting workshops. In 2015, I left my high-tech work to fully concentrate on my painting career. Abstract painting and abstractive portrait are my favorites topics. The journey of an abstract painting is a new adventure every time: the start is unknow and it develops into a full story of colors and movement. Sometimes I don’t like the end result

Alexander Hudorogkov

He received his art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia. After moving to Israel, he continued his studies with a new mentor. Participant of local exhibitions, receives high marks. Works in different genres: animalistics, nature, city landscapes, sea, still lifes and abstractions, illustrations for books. Art lovers appreciated his works, which is filled with soul and meaning

Shaula Schaham

an Israeli born artist, who initially pursued a successful career in interior design in United States. Her designs also included decorative pillows, which were displayed in NYC furniture showroom and custom area rugs, which she designed for her clients. In the last fifteen years upon her return to Israel, she has been a full time artist. She indulges her fascination with texture and coloring her mix media art. Her paintings reflect her love of color and her refined eye

Michael Cymerman

Bezalel graduate, is an architect, interior designer and artist. He lives in Tel-Aviv.

Riki Gai

Native of Israel, a graduate of Macroeconomics from Bar Ilan University, has been painting since I remember myself, the abstract style, acrylic and oil colors, and has participated in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad

Igor Paley

artist from Jerusalem. He graduated from the Art Academy in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1991. He teaches art in his studio, participated in numerous exhibitions. Many of his works are in private collections

Zmira Alperin

Blind since many years, Divorced, Mother of two, eight grandchildren, Occupied in Art, Sport and Chairwoman of the Association for the Blind “Sheshet”.

Lika Ramati

Visual artist and a fine art photographer. Ramati is the founder and decorator of the legendary downtown's Yaffa Café and Simone Martini Bar in New York city, she was nominated as one of 100 top Israeli’s influential entrepreneurs in the USA by Ynet. Published in the Gold list editions by Art Market International Magazine as one of the 60 top contemporary artists of today. Received Artist of the year 2019 prize in Italy by Art International

Lea Shpigel

artist and jewelry designer. She ranges from traditional still life paintings to contemporary abstract collages incorporating a variety of media. Her works have been featured in various galleries. Leah is a member of the Association of Art

Odelya Yehudiyan

resident artist of Tel Aviv, connects with rare and delicate talent that characterize her world, sources of inspiration, and dreams. Her paintings liken no other. Odelya’s art captivates observers through special colors, vitality and mysterious hints that transport the viewer through an emotional and international experience  to the mystical worlds and mysteries of yesteryear. As a child growing up in an Iranian home, aesthetics were inherent in culture and education

Yhiel Edri

Art Painting course by art teacher Gina Meyer Duellmann, with members of the " Cultural Center for people with blindness" in Beersheba, operated by Migdal Or, a multi service for people with blindness or visual impaiment.

Shula Ross

In her sculpture and oil paintings, Shula deals with two major motives, the one being the issue of womenhood and the other, the views of Israel. She studied history of art at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem Her works are exhibited in Israel and abroad (New york Miami Shanghai Rome Viena Munchen Paris Zurich Belgrade) and have been published in: Israeli artists-gazette des arte Gallery: collection Catalog: Hapoalim bank imagination, Israeli artists personal touch and more..

Nadia Korneev

Landscape designer and consultant. Watercolors began in 2019 after complete loss of vision, and then partially restored. She started in the group on the “Calming Pattern” to restore inner harmony after the tragic events. A group of students led by Tamara Dolgin (fine art teacher) conducts classes in the Tikvatein matnas in the city of Rehovot, Israel.

Yolanda Helfman

She was born in Tunis in 1953. Immigrated to Israel that year with her parents and brothers, they lived in Be'er Sheva. Yolanda studied at the Margushilansky High School of Painting, and at the Art College in Ramat HaSharon, printmaking, painting and sculpture. Over the years she has worked in painting backdrops for theaters and space backdrops. She has owned an art studio for 30 years, teaching adults and children to this day. She is a mother of 4 children and 3 grandchildren

Maayan Shriki

Art Painting course by art teacher Gina Meyer Duellmann, with members of the " Cultural Center for people with blindness" in Beersheba, operated by Migdal Or, a multi service for people with blindness or visual impaiment.

Victoria Prilutsky

Artist & Photographer.

Gina Meyer - Duellmann

Born in Rio de Janeiro, where grew up and studied until first year University for Sociology and Arts. Afterwards three years at school for Grafic Arts In Munich, Germany. Back to Brazil worked two years at agencies for Grafic Arts in Rio de Janeiro and received Diploma for Art teaching. 1968 until 1973managed own Art school in Petropolis, for Children organized for them each year exhibitions.1973-1975and 1977 first and second stay in Israel, working as well as art teacher in Kibutz's and Haifa

Ester Yosef

Art Painting course by art teacher Gina Meyer Duellmann, with members of the " Cultural Center for people with blindness" in Beersheba, operated by Migdal Or, a multi service for people with blindness or visual impaiment.

Talia Toeg

She was born to a painter father in Tel Aviv. Studies: Holds a bachelor's degree in creative arts from the University of Haifa (She studied with the painter Tzivi Geva). Talia recently studied 3 years studying evening at the station studio with David Nifo Exhibitions. A solo exhibition that simulates power in Jaffa. Group: Ramat Aviv Mall, The Gallery on the Lake, My Tel Aviv at the Prima Hotel, View of Eretz Israel at the Ayelet Boker Gallery.

Orly Shalem

She is an artist, married and mother of two daughters. A graphic designer in the past, a graduate of Hadassah College and the track for training art instructors at Beit Berl with honors. For almost 15 years she has been painting, mostly abstractly expressing the feelings of the heart and the subconscious in color, line and texture - the language of art. Her paintings are sometimes expressive, stormy, full of color and movement, and sometimes peaceful and lyrical serenity -just like life itself

Galia Kaplan

The paintings she's create most often describe concepts related to the psychological state of mind and moments she's experience in she's daily life. The concepts are usually illustrated with figurative characters combined with surrealist elements to ask questions and give a deep insight. All she's paintings are oil colors on canvas. The constant preoccupation with philosophical questions and the analyzation of our mazy mind characterize my way of life. She's deal a lot with inner conflicts


Sculptor from Alapula Kerala India, Former Art student at creative Art Museum

Varda Breger

Varda Breger was born in Israel, lives and works in Tel Aviv. She has displayed her works at more than twenty five solo exhibitions, and she participated in many more exhibitions and international symposiums in Israel and abroad. She was invited and took part in international symposiums in Slovakia, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Finland, Austria and England. She is a member of the Israel Forum of Ecological Art, the European Artists, and the Tel Aviv Artists and Sculptors Association

Avia Alter

I grew up in a creative and enabling family atmosphere and I inherited the love of painting from my father.  For years I was involved in the field of social work, and although I stopped painting for a long time, my passion for painting was always strong and sometimes even expressed in dreams.  Retiring early allowed me to return to painting and to chase back my dream.  Tive in Beer Sheva, I am member of the Pri Hashalom organization, most of my work is in a realistic -abstract style and more

Rachel Frank

Before her retirement, Rachel served for 12 years as the manager of a special education school. She holds a master's degree in special education from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Throughout her life, she has been intensively engaged in various fields of art, alongside her educational career.
Since retirement in 2014, Rachel main activity is sculpture and painting. In the field of art, she studied painting and sculpture with the best teachers from a very young age.

Rivka Uziel-Krispin

Born in Bulgaria, mother of four, graduate of the Levinsky Seminar, Tel Aviv University, formerly a teacher in Ramle- Lod. Graduate of the Kalisher Art school. Participated in many group and individual exhibitions in Israel and around the world. Written about in various periodicals and sites in Israel and abroad, including the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Her works are found in many public buildings and private collections in Israel and abroad.

Ditza Sagi

a psychologist by profession, was born in Israel.She studied and worked with many famous Israeli artists from young age.Ditza expresses herself in abstract and in realistic paintings.Her approach is free and intuitive."Throuth portraits I touch and deal with experiences and all kinds of feelings. Through nature I exemine the endless cycle of change and renewal." Ditza had held 6 solo exhibitions and participated in dozens of group exhibitions in Israel and around the world

Miri Freud Mayblum

A multi-faceted artist, lives and works in Israel, Miri masters many forms of artistic expression, including photography, painting, sculpturing, and embroidery. Her art practice is characterized in bold and vivid colors, and demonstrates aesthetic innovation. Trained in various modalities, Miri is interested in the intersections between the different approaches. While engaging in pure photography, she also does photography embedded drawing and painting, digitally edited photography.

Rumy Renan

Rumy Renan was born iin Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Graduated the University of Veliko Tarnovo, in1983 with a Degree in Fine Arts. Favorite art techinques: mezzotint, acrylic on canvase, mixed techinques. For 15 years she held a position as a fine art teacher in a Secondary Comprehensive School. Since the early 80's participating in more than a hundred exhibitions on a national and international level in Europe, the Middle East and USA.

Shoshana Kimchi

Born in Israel, has a B.A. in literature and bible studies. A teacher for 40 years, very active in the community and also does volunteer work. An artist and a writer from the age of 15. Studied art in the Israeli Museum in Jerusalem.

Ann Mishaeli

Born & raised in NYC, made aliya in 1974. Currently a widow, 5 grandchildren, living in Beer Sheva. Began drawing 2.5 years ago after retiring and have been enjoying it ever since.

Hanna Curtis

Social distance has given me a new chance to embrace a more peaceful life. Collage art fascinates me. By using magazines and colorful images of still life, Interior, ornamental design and natural views- new visions are created. The motivation behind my work is based on my personal memories and life meant, collecting the broken pieces of my life, better world is created by the torn pieces of paper that are glued together in a new shape and with different meanings.

Roz Fenster - Morein

59 years old ,were born in Riga, Latvia. Leave in Israel 49 years. I'm working as a teacher at kindergarten . I'm painting seriously 30 years. Studied at few teachers: Diana Pomeranz, Orner Nahmani, Shula Rapoport. I use acrylic paints.oil and chalk and I like to add kinds of jewelry.

Dora Damari

Dora Damari is a creative artist and member of the Ashkelon Artists Association. She studied art at Tel Aviv College of Art, special education at the College of Education in Givat Washington, and at Sapir College, B.A. in interpersonal communications. Supervised children's groups and taught at the Ashkelon College,and has worked as a group facilitator, and personal trainer. She spent 36 years teaching art in high school and junior high school, educating generations of students.

Guillermo Rapoport

He was born in Buenos Ayers, Argentina, immigrated to Israel in 1980. He graduated from art studies in Buenos Ayers, and studied photography at the Visual Arts Center, Kaye College Israel. Guillermo focus the camera lenses on the poverty, pain, and suffering of the people and reflect the harsh and brutal reality of the world.He is active in social rights activities and think that the power of art to change His photographic techniques are usually direct photography

Ariela Segal

I’m a WAG member, and I enclose 4 paintings of mine for the CoronaArt Exhibition. I live in Jerusalem, were I was born. I have a B.A. in history from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.i used to work in Bezeq, The Israeli communication office. I study painting in a private club. I collect exlibris, Judaica mainly.

Irena Burkin

Erohin, 47 years old, was born in Russia, Tombow, stadued in college of art, paints on wood in folk and traditional style. Now leaves in Israel, Beersheva. Works as teacher of arts. Paints in realistic style, using acrylic, oil, pencils and chalks.

Anna Miron

Anna Miron Artist and drawing teacher. She studied at a private art school in Romania, Bucharest, worked as a graphic designer. Her works are in private collections in Israel and other countries.

Asher Kaplan

Born 5/5/1951 in Buenos Aires - Argentina I used to study second MA in Communication Science. University of Buenos Aires 1996. Certified High Technical in Photography 18-12-78 (T-45271) Chief photography and video of the formal education department from an electrical company in Buenos Aires1973/1993 2003 to 2018 – B.A. photographer .high school ItzjakRager 2003 to 2018- Photographer-lighting on a community television, channel in Beer Sheva

Leonardo Grinberg

Cardiologist for over 30 years, over the years a love for songwriting hasdeveloped, there are over 83 songs in Spanish that appear on the WordPress site, My other abilities were discovered in 2004 which is typography, over time I devoted myself more to it and as of today it is my main occupation. Institution: 11A Community Center 4 years of painting studies 2015 -Article article in the Jerusalem Post 2018-2020 An article about art in letters on Rabbi Zamir Cohen's talk site.

Ronit Koren - Illouz

Living in Karmiel city, there I am working and teaching art in my studio. Finished my curator studies in "Seminar Hakibutzim" college. Have a Bachelors Degree in arts from Haifa University. Studied Art education in "Oranim" College, teaching Art for over thirty years and retired from the education system four years ago. I am a Multidisciplinary artist; painting in oil, acrylic, watercolour and sculpting in iron mash. I am a member of the national artists association and a member in Haifa

Eduard Almashe

Was born in 1982 when he immigrated to raanana, 36 years old. Participated in several joint exhibitions and solo exhibitions in israel. His first pictures were made overseas. After immigrating to israel he created abstract pictures with a paper repidograph. Then pictures with watches and then pictures with printed circuits and electronic components on wooden and aluminum panels. Also pictures with colored screws on wood and aluminum panels

Galina Mintz

programmer by trade. Almost 16 years ago she started her second career as an artist. Galina was fortunate to study in the studios of high-class Israeli artists: painters and illustrators. I exhibited my art works at group and personal exhibitions all over the country. She always discovering new things. In her work She likes to combine different materials and create effects with interesting textures. While figuring out her own artistic manner

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