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Updated: May 23, 2021

In the perspective of the upcoming art exhibition in the Bauhaus Center Gallery in Tel Aviv, the opening of which will take place before the Passover holiday on 25 March, I am starting to acquaint the public with the artists who will take part in this exhibition.

So, now some Questions to Miri:

1. When did you first feel like you wanted to dedicate yourself to art? - I always wanted to, but it would only be possible when I left my previous job at Intel in 2015 2. What was your creative way - I took a drawing course at the artists' house followed by realistic oil painting workshops. I really liked abstract painting and did not know how to approach it at all, so it was a self-journey of trial and mistakes where one learns while experimenting. In the figurative paintings I incorporate abstract passages because I really like to add something unexpected. 3. Who influenced the choice of profession and how would you describe your art technique - My desire to be an artist has always nestled in me since I was little but my parents did not support me learning art. So i could say my parents did the opposite. As a result, I chose another profession for graduation (chemistry) and worked in high tech for 27 years. My art technique is divided into two, a figurative abstract combined with abstract elements. I use acrylic paints and sometimes oil paints. When I use an oil paint I combine it with cold wax that gives a creamy texture and an element of reflection, I like to combine a brush, spatula, scotch and sponge, depending on the shape I want to create. 5. Is your art the main source of income, or do you manage to combine two professions? -Drawing today is my main livelihood 6 Has the situation with the corona virus affected you -A little effect in terms of mood and because of the lack of knowledge of what will happen, but my work pace has not changed, I continued to create as usual 7. Did this situation affect your financial situation - I was A slight drop in sales coming from the galleries, because they were closed intermittently. But private bookings unrelated to galleries have hardly changed. 8. Because of the virus, many artists participate in digital exhibitions, posting themselves on social media and their websites. Do you think this is enough - it should happen even when there is no Corona, social networks the possibility to advertise through them is a privilege of the 21st century, and it's great, we are lucky to live in such a period in terms of the ability to advertise yourself. Of course this is not enough, people (clients) want to come to galleries to see the paintings for real. 10. Is it important for you to participate in real exhibitions and other real creative projects - yes, probably 11. An exhibition at the Bauhaus Gallery will take place at the end of March. How are the preparations for this exhibition? -My paintings are ready, I just have to choose what I will take there. What are your plans for the future ? -Continue to evolve, grow, explore and experiment with techniques I have not yet tried 13. What are you dreaming about? -Continue to be an artist, to grow more, to develop more, to become more famous, to be known more.

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