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Update/Words Of Warning From Ashkelon Survivor

We have been in contact with Ella Rozenberg in Ashkelon, Israel for over five years now.

Her article on teaching art under rocket fire is below.

Today, she gives perspective and words of warning for the future…

All my students are in bomb shelters. None of them were physically harmed, but they are all in a

difficult moral state. Some of them lost loved ones. In addition, there is a constant threat to life. Ashkelon will accumulate under constant fire from heavy rockets. And also in the first days of the war, armed terrorists entered the streets of the city and opened fire on civilians. Art classes have been stopped. When the guns roar, the muse is silent.

On Saturday morning at 7.10 I was visiting my friends in Tel Aviv. From the morning news report, I understood that rocket fire had begun from the Gaza Strip and they also reported that there was infiltration of several dozen terrorists on the border with Gaza and into the cities of Sderot, Ofaktm, Ashkelon. Citizens were asked not to leave their homes. At that time no one knew about the scale of the disaster.

Today, rocket salvoes in Ashkelon have weakened slightly due to the successful elimination of Hamas rocket launchers.

10 days have passed since the start of the war. Hundreds of funerals take place every day. We mourn the dead and hope for the return of 199 kidnapped people, among whom there are many women, children and elderly people.

The people united, all internal disagreements ceased. We all understand the need to destroy the Hamas regime and all of us support each other and our army.

As an artist and as a manager of art projects, I plan to continue my activities aimed at developing culture both in our Country and abroad.

We didn’t intend to, but we were forced to go to war with terrorists and I want to appeal to all people from different countries of the world with a request to support us.

Now is the time to throw off the mask of indifference and join forces in the fight against terrorist entities Hamas, Hezbolah and others, since their only goal in life is to kill infidels.

King David, Art by Rosenberg studio

Sensible people of all countries and peoples understand that terrorists of all stripes threaten not only Israel, but other countries too.

The paradox is that despite what happened on 7.10, there are people who are looking for justification for crimes.

I urge them to stop being devil’s advocate.

There is no excuse for bloody crimes.

Today it happened here, on the holy land, and tomorrow it will affect you too.

For those who have already forgotten, I remind you of the scale of the crimes of Hamas terrorists on Saturday 7.10 – more than 1,300 civilians killed with extreme cruelty. It looks like a scene from a nightmare apocalyptic movie. It’s scary to even imagine what these victims experienced in the last minutes of their lives.

The ground was strewn with troupes. These non-humans tore off the heads of babies in front of their mothers, dismembered parents in front of their children. Young girls and women were raped, tortured and dismembered so that the corpses could not be identified. These animals burned alive. entire families, in their own homes. And these bandits also shot teenagers dancing at an electronic music festival like ducks. And this is not the entire list of crimes committed by Hamas militants.

To prevent this from happening again anywhere, Israel will do as it said.

King David:

« I pursue my enemies and overtake them and do not return until I destroy them. (Psalm 17..38)”

In conclusion, I would like to add that

indifference to the unfortunate victims is a crime. After all, the most terrible crimes against humanity become possible due to public indifference.

And to those who justify these non-humans, I can say the following;

Open your eyes, blind people,

Don’t you understand that if you don’t stop them today, then tomorrow, shouting “Allah Akhbar”, they will rush through

through the streets of your cities, setting your houses on fire, causing death and destruction

I repeat,

We were forced to go to war with the devil

And we will definitely win –

With or without your help

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