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Art Exhibition - Meeting Point

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

My name is Ella Rosenberg, I am a chairwoman of the Association Art Promotion in Israel and Abroad - Art Unlimited

The Association was founded in 2013 and deals with supporting artists and organizing art exhibitions in Israel and all over the world.

This year the Association organized an exhibition of Israeli art in Berlin. The web-site of exhibition in Berlin:

Gruppenausstellung israelischer Künstler - Soulscape - in Berlin – IL – I LIKE ISRAEL

Also, the association has previously organized several exhibitions abroad, among them:

Therefore, I am proud to present to you a new project of the association called Meeting Point, which is a mobile exhibition of artists in the cultural capitals all over the world.

Purpose of project: Promoting social and cultural ties between Israel and foreign countries, recognizing the population with modern art.

Participants in the exhibition: Minimum 20 arts, depends on the size of the exhibition hall.

Paintings in the exhibition: Minimum 40 painting.

Almost of all painting are original.

Artists give permission for the sale of their paintings.

Some of the painting to be participated in the exhibition are represented in the above video and can also be seen here:

Duration of each show at the exhibition: Minimum two weeks, maximum one month.

Space required for the exhibition:

Art museums, art galleries, cultural centers, etc. at least of 30 sq. m. Location and desired dates of the exhibition:

Tallinn (February 2023), Berlin (March 2023), Munich (April 2023), Warsaw (May 2023), Prague (June 2023), Bratislava (July 2023), Vienna (August 2023), Budapest (September 2023), Bucharest (October 2023), Sofia (November 2023), Athens (December 2023), Rome (January 2024), Marseille (February 2024), Belgrade (March 2024), Zagreb (April 2024), Bern (May 2024), Copenhagen (June 2024), Oslo (July 2024), Stockholm (August 2024), Amsterdam (September 2024), Madrid (October 2024), Lisbon (November 2024), (December 2024), Dubai (or Abu Dhabi) (January 2025), Cairo (February 2025), Marrakesh (March 2025), Casablanca (April 2025), Paris (May 2025), Brussels (June 2025), Dublin (July 2025), London (August 2025), Montreal (September 2025), Toronto (October 2025), Chicago (November 2025), Boston (December 2025), New York (January 2026), Washington (February 2026), Atlanta (March 2026), Miami (April 2026), Houston (May 2026), San Francisco (June 2026), Los Angeles (July 2026), Las Vegas (August 2026).

Сooperation options:

1. Rent of premises. 2. Equity participation in the distribution of profits from the sale of tickets, minus the costs of organizing the exhibition.

Desired assistance: 1. Advertising support (on television, radio, internet, newspapers, street stands, brochures, and flyers). 2. Design of exhibition.

Recommendations: Head of Cultural Department at the Embassy of the State of Israel in Germany Dafna Zarai

+49 151 70 83 59 39


What’sApp +972 544 22 50 00

Kind regards,

Ella Rozenberg, Chairwoman of the Association

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